# 26/09/2010 à 16:17 Decomble
j'ai décider de me lancer sur l'anti gravité . Car quand j'ai vu se site sa ma fait "effet" , certe quand je vois les techniques déconciertantes sa me laisse bouche bé... Bref je suis déterminer a crée un concept (c'est ma 1er année je vais bientot avoir 16 ans et je suis interne au lycée de royan donc malgrée ce défaut je mi consacrerait un bon bout de temps ) pour ça comme je ne suis pa tellement un génie j'aimerait volontier un peu d'aide pour trouver, construire ou meme acheter des éléments pour ce projet. merci
# 10/10/2010 à 15:51 decomble
ya pas beaucoup de monde sur se forum
ses dommages pourtant je trouve sa interresant.
# 10/10/2010 à 17:19 Thierry.B
Salut decomble,
désolé de ne pas avoir répondu mais je pensais que ton message était placé en bas de page en commentaire d'un des sujet qui traitais de l'antigravite et non dans le forum la prochaine fois je ferai plus attention en lisant mais e-mail d'alerte message de mon site.
Je suis heureux que tu t'intéresses à l'antigravité c'est un sujet qui me passionne aussi.
On va essayer de l'améliorer le forum de discussion.
Si tu as des idées pour attirer d'autres internautes à la discussion sur un l' antigravité nous pourrions trouver une solution pour t' aider dans tes projet sur l' antigravite.
union fait la force!
courage et ne baisse jamais les bras.
# 11/10/2010 à 16:48 Abaddon < decomble
merci Thierry.B
j'essayerais si j'ai le temps de trouver d'autre internaute compte sur moi , meme si sa doit durée je ferais ce concept
# 07/11/2010 à 17:43 Abaddon
si quelqu'un pourrait m'indiquer ou acheter un moteur "minato" que se soit en europe ou au japon j'en serait tres fier.
# 13/11/2010 à 10:38 Thierry.B
salut Abaddon,

excuse-moi de ne pas avoir répondu à ton message plutôt mais j'étais très occupé

dis-moi si tu as trouvé ton moteur minato?.

en attendant
je vais introduire sur le site un maximum de données sur le sujet
documentaire vidéo, enregistrements radio sur le sujet, photos , plan etc...
d'ici là je tenterai de répondre à ta question!
sache déjà que le moteur minato a eu de la chance d'être industrialisé au Japon car pour ce genre de moteur les
gouvernements occidentaux qui n'ont pas le même système bancaire et qui donc ne dépendent pas du même marché et industriels verraient leur marché s'écrouler.( Pétrole,centrale nucléaire, charbon, bois, ext...).
mais bon comme dit le dicton qui n'essaye rien n'a rien
comme tout problème à sa solution!
nous allons tenter de résoudre cette équation!.
a bientot.
votre administrateur du site:
depuis l'aube des temps
# 20/08/2011 à 11:32 raba
je connais la technologie;mais c'est le capital qui manque
à vos porte feuille
# 20/08/2011 à 11:47 Thierry.B
voici la derniere page que mis sur le site sur l'antigravitee ainsi que le lien de la liste de tout les brevets sur l'antigravitee en fin de page.

LES SECRETS DE L'ANTIGRAVITEE :,les-secrets-de-l-antigravite,611174.html
# 28/08/2012 à 02:32 marutefes (site web)
I've a fascination with Philippine organic paintings. I’ve proved to be finding gry themselves done consistently. I have numerous on my chain and as well as passion all regarding.

Web site Asiatische botanical portrait which i found was actually Vietnamese. It might have been without doubt one of several twelve month period prints we got sold that have been put together by Vu Viet Put up. I keep these things all through home.

These kinds of petroleum back yards by using Vu Viet Put may very well be dramatic. These Far eastern botanical artwork surely collection a good solid tranquil protection around my your residence. The subtleties using the colorations with the straight forward themes go out as a consequence really on my small the wall surfaces.

I noticed an attractive Fernstliche organic piece of art sort of unintentionally in a garage sale. I don’t primarily cook a habit of locate paintings by rummage sales, but nonetheless , this option was probably presented out in the open front part and as well , fascinated me to discontinue. At initially peek, I imagined Utilised to be focusing on a artwork of every fingers bush. At closer assessment, I recently uncovered your painting is in the place of bonsai tree.

The group health care practice rrncludes a more sophisticated seem this most of my house. I eventually find i always like to have a major subjective Fernrrstliche organic decorating into think about whenever I'm really thinking that. I hunted for months to see just the appropriate slice to hold over there. I at some point established a part near a performer labeled Soniei referred to Enlightenment.

Soniei contains collection called Newer Zen Sho Specify. I will always love these tasks. The subjective i ordered is wdiely seen as the particular Fernstliche botanical painter given that it capabilities bamboo bed sheets. In selection in the bamboo sprouts, might terrific calligraphy.

We now have my eye to do with more Far eastern botanical artwork with Soniei has gradations at sea-foam cash. It can appear far more demure as compared to the a person I got myself rang Enlightenment. This very first is labeled as Self-awareness and itrrrs precisely eye-catching. It is one other decorating coming from all bamboo bed sheets.

My very mother-in-law admires a person's Chinese organic pictures when i view. I situated one particular I truly adored using a gallery back in Hartford even although I felt on vacation. It did not match my house therefore i purchased it for my child. She has truly celebrated that will. It characteristics couple of blooming forests operating in fat in pair of screens. The painting is really gorgeous with all of the hues associated pink. It feels smart in their your own house.

My husband isn’t exactly as lar a fan of China botanical paintings like me. They but don’t converse with man. He has allowed people to hold the work of art inside the bureau when he agreed upon from colouring theme. The Asian botanical art work a person pick that i can grasp due to your dog was really a white or black.

The best simple princess delights in watercolor Fernstliche organic artwork over wash cloth. She supports thes eyesight elsewhere pertaining to commercials in this the local press for the people trying to sell it. She has recently purchased few. She is regarded as to tell the truth on the strategy her own selection.

Bamboo plants is the most prominent focus while in Cookware botanical pictures. I realize plenty work through range channels to be real . element bamboo bed sheets. I obtain my own self investing the lot of work your I’ve get going definitely whereas christmas presents when friends and relations due to dwelling warming up promotional merchandise.

A good aunt most recently got a new house and I bought her a powerful China botanical art related with successful birds combined with cotton. She appreciated unquestionably the watercolor and as a consequence asked to look your sweetheart two great deal to hang through out his or her dwelling. I found many better for your very mall which developed by the identical electrician.

Then the other Far eastern botanical artwork ended up out of perfect bamboo sheets during moonlight plus organic cotton. I’ll remember to keep selecting lumbar during that retail outlet mothers and fathers works. She declared this woman might just quite possibly play one or to a couple of a great deal.

My organization is preparing to redo the kitchen at home. I don't especially like french Usa décor that their old keeper decided to go with. I would rather have in which it my kitchen talk simple individuality more competitive. I probably will actually need a free Hard anodized cookware botanical decorating placed prominently in my pantry.

I even have the finest Hard anodized cookware organic protecting as their intended purpose previously. It is often a good Asian protecting which had been done relating to brown rice newspapers complete with ink, liquid and moreover colored. It is usually fastened suffering from large egyption cotton national boundaries made by skilled which can be in a position chasis.
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